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BJD Icecream Meet

Dice, Bell, Cen, Astaria, Schiezka, Lucien, Aya and Rose.


Woohoo! This doll meet was a blast. It’s been ages since I’ve been to one. Almost two years to be exact. And to my surprise, there were more new faces than those I’ve known from previous gatherings. It was all good though. Got to see new dolls and made new friends!



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Schiezka Noire

This is Schiezka Noire, my 2nd BJD. She is a DELF Tanning Lishe from Luts.
But it seems that they don’t produce these kinds of dolls anymore (tanned skin).

I recently sewed her new clothes and made new accessories. A friend of mine also got me a new white wig and a pair of orange glass
eyes for her. I restrung her body and fixed her face-up (make up for dolls). Yay~

Tanned girls with white hair are really hot. And the end product of styling made her look like Storm of X-Men~
My first BJD is Astaria Lexi who looks like Victoria of Twilight here.

Photos are completely unedited.

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Astaria Lexi

After roughly two to three years of not being able to post here, we’re back! This photo of Astaria Lexi (DOT Shall) was taken in Greenbelt 3 on April 26, 2009. I’ll leave you guys with this photo for now. In the mean time, we have a lot to catch up on what we’ve missed all this time. See you guys at the BJD meet on Saturday!

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